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Cathy Crowley Kuit

Cathy Crowley
Occupation Farmer

Dear Class: I am just seeing the info on the Reunion .. unfortunately I am in meetings in New York during this time and won't be able to make it ! Looking at the list of who is attending .. I would have loved to have been there. My farming business in South Africa has continued to expand, and I am in the middle of a capital raise at present, related to further expansion. It's an exciting time and I am incredibly Grateful. My husband travels with me between South Africa and Texas, and our children are based in South Africa .. ages 13 and 15. I serve as well on the Global Board of our Industry, and when I have the chance to speak to groups in our industry or elsewhere .. one of strong interests remains: 'The Role of Business in Uplifting Disadvantaged Communities'. If you are able to please share this message with our classmates .. I would really appreciate it ! Catherine (Crowley) Kuit-Crowley