Basic Auction Rules

If you wish to send in an early bid, please do the following:

1.     Send me a direct email ( not through the mac site, with your intentions to bid that begins with your full name, email and telephone number.

2.     Provide the name and number of the item on the website.

3.     Provide the amount of your opening bid.

4.     I will post your bid on the page with the associated item on the site but will not reveal who you are by using a number you have already been assigned as a member of the reunion.

5.     Please send me a maximum bid to go with your starting bid and I will up your bid at the posted increment when someone else bids. I will let them know that another individual has outbid them.

Example: You open with the minimum posted bid of $25, with posted increments of $5. (Of course, you can start bidding at any amount you want.) You turn-in a bid $25 with a maximum of $40. That would mean if the next person sent in a bid of $30 you would have your bid change to $35 and you would remain the high bid. You and the new bidder would be informed of the new bid and it goes on from there.

Silent Bidding closes at 9pm, Short verbal bid "last chance" auction will begin at approximately 9:20 or after the scholarship presentation. We will start with item and sell item 1 last.

Names of the bidders will not be revealed. The name of the winning bidder will be revealed at the reunion when the item closes, after final verbal bids are accepted. Payment should be made immediately by check or cash, unless payment arrangements are made with Mike Wilkinson or Blake Coffee. If payment is not received an announcement will be made that the second-place bidder received the item because the winner bidder has forfeited the item by not paying the winning bid.

 Good Luck and Happy Bidding.